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Aurora Laffite Jewelry is focused on creating colorful, fine jewelry, with an elegant mixture of adventure and classic style.  

We take pride in being meticulous about only using high-quality, natural gemstones and solid, precious metals. We never use gold-filled or gold-plated, or any lab-created gems. Each piece is designed and produced in New York City, and all of our materials are from established, reputable sources. Never mass-produced, our designs are individually made-to-order just for you. 

From designer & creator

Aurora Laffite-Bank:

Ever since I was young, I’ve been entranced with the unique beauty of natural gemstones and earthborn materials. The uplifting experience we’ve all felt of finding the right design that combines these gorgeous items with our natural, feminine beauty is what inspired me to create Aurora Laffite Jewelry.

My name is Aurora Laffite-Bank, and I am a jewelry designer in Brooklyn, New York. My path started when I was simply trying to fix a broken necklace, and instead I managed to improve it! It was such a wonderful sensation that it drove me to begin my journey in the jewelry industry. 

Originally from Honduras, I moved to New York City over a decade ago, where I started taking art classes in Manhattan, learning to make jewelry by hand with metalsmithing and wax-carving. As I progressed and became skilled with creating physical objects, I went to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to take my designs to a higher-level using CAD programs and other cutting-edge jewelry software.

I see jewelry as an expression of each person’s individualism, and my designs focus on the special occasions when we want to feel dazzling and empowered; I believe that every woman deserves to shine, and I’ll be more than honored if my designs help make that happen.

Now, I’m proud to present my artistic sensibilities to you – my feelings, my memories, my inspirations and passions, expressed in the form of fine jewelry.

Much Love! 

-Aurora Laffite-Bank

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